The new BigPictureMags

Big Picture Mags
Big Picture Mags

A new form of digital city magazines,
optimized for mobile use on smartphones & tablets.

Big Picture Mags

For guests who want to have the big
picture of the city.

Big Picture Mags

A new form of hotel marketing with the aim of hotel guest loyalty and reduction of online marketing costs.

For hotel Guests

  • up-to-date!
  • With the best tips from insiders of the city!
  • Where to go this week for dinner, shopping, culture, etc.
  • With Social Recommendations from friends (via social graph)
  • Optimized for usage on iPhone, iPad, Android phones & tablets
  • For free!
  • For hotels:

  • Personal addressing of hotel guests by Management & Team
  • Attractive view of the hotel and its rooms
  • Fast and durable promotion of current Hotel specials
  • Branding & Customer Loyalty
  • Great SEO and PPC effects can reduce online distribution costs (e.g. cost of hotel agency portals and Adwords)
  • BigPictureMagsDesign

    The content

    Today's hotel guests usually stay one to three days.
    Therefore, time is limited.
    Guests can’t see everything and they are mainly interested in the most important things: just the big picture of the city.
    The guests want to experience something special, not necessarily the normal tourist program.
    The guests want to remember their experiences of the city later.
    They want to be able to recount to others about it proudly.

    This is why BigPictureMags doesn't contain information about ALL that can be done in a city. Quite the contrary.
    They contain SELECTED information on the places and establishments that you MUST have seen to really be able to join the conversation. ;-)

    Less is often more.

    The contents of the BigPictureMags are:

  • Well arranged.
  • Guided by budget and interests.
  • Editorial chosen by trendy Local City Guides.
  • Independent and above party lines researched (money buys no recommendations).
  • Illustrated with many attractive photos.
  • Enriched by social media (social graph).
  • The result:

  • Today's hot, hot, hot of the city.
  • The sight and views of the city that you really must have seen.
  • Eating out in the new and trendy restaurants as well as many secret insider tips.
  • Go shopping in the small and cool boutiques.
  • Having coffee in the beautiful, yet not well known cafes.
  • Actual cultural offerings that you must have seen and experienced (theaters, galleries, exhibitions, films, and more.)
  • This way your hotel guest gets to know
    the city like a local.

    They get the big picture.

    The team

    Behind the development of BigPictureMags stands a team of experienced agency experts (working for clients like AUDI, DIE ZEIT, DEUTSCHE TELEKOM, EON, PLAYBOY, MEDIA MARKT, SATURN, TUI, etc.). Experienced in the development of multimedia applications and the development of apps and mobile internet sites but also in design and editing of printed magazines and online-editions of communities and online periodicals since 2002: the Agency Rio Nord GmbH from Hamburg.

    The quality and current content of the hotel magazines are developed by an international team steered from Hamburg and Leipzig.

    Modern distribution channels such as booking portals, PPC & SEO have become predominant in today's hotel marketing. But costs increase each year. BigPictureMags lowers online distribution costs with content marketing plus binds hotel guests with high-quality content while strengthening perceptions of the hotel brand. Modern content marketing is the answer to Google's change in search algorithms. Without content marketing SEO won't work in the future and vice versa. Free and premium (publisher’s) content forms the core of modern content marketing, where senseless advertising messages are replaced with relevant information placed cautiously into a SEARCH context. Tablet Publishing in particular will become of paramount importance. Adjusted "As a subset of multi-channel publishing, tablet publishing will define the way of advertising, publishing and completely new online marketing.

    Arne Flick
    CEO and founder of BestPictureMags & owner of Rio Nord GmbH

    Management Summary

    The BigPictureMags are digital publications of an individual hotel that serve for Hotel Guest information and entertainment, as well as orientation in the city. They are optimized for use within mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). The BigPictureMags combine editorially selected, current information about the city with promotional information on the hotel. They thus improve customer loyalty through the individual advertisement and representation of the hotel.

    • Hotel operators must pay for the BigPictureMags
      Guests are using the service for free.
    • For a small budget the hotel owner gets a digital publishing system in order to run their own e-magazine. Hotel owners will continuously receive actual and unique content from their city, integrated turn-key into their actual monthly issue by the editors of the BigPictureMags edition. The entire service and all its content are included in the price.
    • Opportunity for cost savings in online marketing budgets:
      The domain of the hotel will be extended with the digital magazine (for example The hotel receives 100% unique texts (Unique Content) for the magazine from the editorial team. Hereby the domain popularity and relevance of the site increase. Due to expected user’s behavior and low bounce-rates the website’s trust will increase steadily, because many users using their mobile device to surf to the mobile magazine will stay there. The Magazine of the hotel will automatically gain more and more links from external sites because the content is attractive, unique and free. Furthermore, throughout the integration of the social graph it is possible for a magazine to constantly acquire social signals, which are becoming increasingly important for SEO & SEA. All this can have a positive impact on the positioning of the hotel in the SERPs of the search engines as well as on the decrease of Adwords costs, meaning SEO and SEA. Thus, costs of online distribution can be reduced (for example costs for hotel search portals).

    • More relevant and unique content
    • Real, not purchased backlinks
    • Many real social signals
    • Positive user behavior
    • Higher Domain Popularity and Domain Trust
    • BigPictureMags are currently available in Bremen, Hamburg and Berlin. Shortly we will start editions in Cologne, Frankfurt, Munich and Leipzig and other German cities. European and intercontinental offers are also planned with New York, London, Barcelona and Paris.